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I like to jokingly refer to myself as a literary harlot. It is a lovely phrase, isn’t it? I can’t take the credit for that. That would be Virginia Woolf who referred to writing book reviews as literary harlotry- as she primarily did so as a means to generate extra income (although because we ARE referring to Virginia Woolf, her book reviews are absolutely brilliant, so she is hardly a hack).

So, this preceding paragraph says quite a bit about me. Let me explain.

Let’s start with harlot. Of course, I am not actually a…

I may have game, but I have no shame

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I confess: I am a shameless slut. In itself, confessing that is shameless. But what does that mean really? I suppose it depends largely upon what one has been taught to be ashamed of.

Most women- most of society- abhor the idea of the slut. The slut being a woman who freely engages in lots of sex- passionate and perhaps promiscuous sex. Lusty sex. Forget love. Forget procreation. No obligations indicated. Sex purely for the pleasure of the flesh. That is what a slut wants: sex that she desires for no other reason than that she desires it. Its idea…

Fuck no, I won’t get busy with you in the stacks.

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When I initially started library school a few years ago, I really had no idea that being a librarian could be such a turn on to men. Then I joined Fetlife and started using dating apps. Quickly I learned just how much a fetish being a librarian is.

When men find out that I am a librarian, the vast majority have the same reaction: “yum, a sexy librarian.” Not only am I librarian but I have the whole stereotypical librarian vibe going on. I wear glasses: plastic rimmed with…

Stack fucking in the library

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Typically at the end of April, the library is teeming with students cramming for finals and conducting last-minute research for term papers. However, by mid-May, the library becomes a ghost town as the spring semester is finally over. On this day in mid-May, summer came early and brought an early heatwave to the university library.

Finally, I was able to wear a cute little dress with no stockings and of course, no panties. Sitting alone at the reference desk, I found myself with little work to do. I could not resist the temptation of stealing a few looks at some…

Calling me that name is not the insult that you think it is

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Dear Young Man That Invaded My Not-A-Dating-Site-Inbox,

You offered me the services of your penis and I turned you down. I answered matter of factly, “No, thanks.”

You eloquently answered, “Ur a wrinkly old hag anyway.”

I noted that your response to my rejection was rather typical.

You retorted, “You are the definition of a New York cunt!” and then blocked me.

Kind sir, methinks that you did not intend to compliment me. But alas, I find myself compelled to thank you for what really is the highest of expression of admiration.

Don’t understand? …

Unclothed women are just as worthy of respect as clothed women

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For a couple of years now I have been posting nude and semi nude pictures of myself on a kink based social media site. Just as one posts clothed pictures on Facebook or Instagram, on this site people regularly post naked pictures of themselves that range from soft core porn to hard core, from mildly sexually suggestive to explicitly sexual.

I have a tendency to post semi nude erotic photos that would best be characterized as mildly suggestive soft core porn. I like to flatter myself and make the…

Not all men get better as they get older.

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I recently fired up my Ok Cupid profile again. Ever an optimist, I wrote up a hopefully interesting summary of myself as well as a clear outline of what qualities I was looking for in a man: culturally literate (specifically interested in the humanities), self-aware, communicative, and honest.

The next day, I received a message from a man. He wished me luck at finding such a man and said that I was basically looking for a unicorn — he may well be right about that. He also warned me against players and fuckboys. He told me that dating was hard.

I am a New Yorker as well. On top of that, I am an Italian American. I know that culture all too well lol.

You are absolutely right about past movies. The worst part is that even as a female, I didn't see the fucked upness about so many famous movies.

And no, not much has changed and unfortunately even in subcultures where you would think people are more enlightened, they are not.

I have standards because I have self-worth. Finally.

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These days I am lacking a partner. For all realistic purposes, I am single.

While I would like to meet a special someone, I most definitely want them to be special. In other words, I am not looking to date just to date. I will not just date anyone.

On another platform, I wrote about how I want to meet a high-value man and I explained what that meant specifically to me. I am looking for a man who is culturally literate in a similar fashion as I am. I seek a man who is mature, financially stable, self-aware, and…

To strengthen your writing, make sure you are a part of your discourse community

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For a number of years, I taught English to college freshman. One of the main course objectives was to introduce college students to the general world of academic writing as well as to build an understanding of writing in specific disciplines such as the humanities or the social sciences. I focused a lot on contextuality or in layman’s terms: understanding your audience and shaping your writing to fit a certain audience.

I introduced the idea that academic writing was part of a greater academic conversation. I invited students to think of their contribution as their turn within a greater dialogue…

Zara Everly

NY based writer and sex positive bibliophile. I write often about sexuality with an emphasis on sex positivity and female empowerment.

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