Hello! I am Zara Everly

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I like to jokingly refer to myself as a literary harlot. It is a lovely phrase, isn’t it? I can’t take the credit for that. That would be Virginia Woolf who referred to writing book reviews as literary harlotry- as she primarily did so as a means to generate extra income (although because we ARE referring to Virginia Woolf, her book reviews are absolutely brilliant, so she is hardly a hack).

So, this preceding paragraph says quite a bit about me. Let me explain.

Let’s start with harlot. Of course, I am not actually a…

I may have game, but I have no shame

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I confess: I am a shameless slut. In itself, confessing that is shameless. But what does that mean really? I suppose it depends largely upon what one has been taught to be ashamed of.

Most women- most of society- abhor the idea of the slut. The slut being a woman who freely engages in lots of sex- passionate and perhaps promiscuous sex. Lusty sex. Forget love. Forget procreation. No obligations indicated. Sex purely for the pleasure of the flesh. That is what a slut wants: sex that she desires for no other reason than that she desires it. Its idea…

Fuck no, I won’t get busy with you in the stacks.

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When I initially started library school a few years ago, I really had no idea that being a librarian could be such a turn on to men. Then I joined Fetlife and started using dating apps. Quickly I learned just how much a fetish being a librarian is.

When men find out that I am a librarian, the vast majority have the same reaction: “yum, a sexy librarian.” Not only am I librarian but I have the whole stereotypical librarian vibe going on. I wear glasses: plastic rimmed with…

My “Letters to Penthouse” experience

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Like so many ladies, I love to send my boyfriend naughty texts and I often include sexy pics and videos in which I get myself off. One day he asked me to include a little bit of ass play and I happily obliged by using my new dildo to fuck my ass while I used my vibrator on my clit until I came.

“You are such a good girl! How about coming over to my house tomorrow night so I can give you a special reward?”

How could I say no. Immediately, my mind started racing at what this special…

Coming to terms with my less than ideal body

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Last summer I posted a picture on a social media platform in which the stretch marks on my belly were able to be detected. I rarely post pictures of my stomach but for some reason, the angle in this photo made them appear far less objectionable.

A commenter noted that he could see my stretch marks and he told me that it was okay that I had them (and no, he wasn’t asked, and no, I don’t give a hoot about his opinion but that doesn’t seem to stop some people from giving such opinions).

I have a saggy, baggy…

How the double standard harms us all

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What’s that expression? Can’t make a wife out of a ho? Do you know that one? Want to know my attitude towards that?

Fuck that.

Since I started dating again, I have been propositioned by many married men. Often, they try to justify cheating on their wife by explaining that they are in a sexless marriage. I discussed this a little in a recent article, “Maybe This Is Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To F*ck You.”

In that article, I discuss my own plight as the wife who often wanted nothing sexually to do with her husband and why. …

Kink and respect should always be paired together

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I had been messaging with this guy for a few days. We had talked about a variety of topics but our conversation was mainly sexually based. We did a little bit of teasing and a bit of information sharing to check compatibility. He was a bit younger than I would typically entertain for a serious relationship but not too young for a bit of sexual fun.

I thought he may make a good friends with benefits. At that time, I was more open to that idea but I insisted on regularity. I was not looking for a hook up. Those…

Make sure to make frequent use of that block button!

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There are some people who seem to take great pride in not blocking people on the internet. They wear it as some sort of badge of honor.

I am not one of those people.

I block for many many reasons. Those reasons include men who can’t take no for an answer. People who have personally insulted me. I have blocked people that I know in real life (depending on the account, I may be operating under a pseudonym- such as I am doing here).

I even block people pre-emptively.

I block people who are consistently hateful. I block the mean-spirited…

My sexual appetite demands for more and more

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When I was a kid, I went to my grandmother’s house in Queens every Sunday and every holiday. I grew up in an Italian American family and if you did too, you know this: food is a big fucking deal. Dinner is a big fucking deal.

It lasts for hours. It started at about three in the afternoon and we never left my grandparent’s house until at least eight or nine o’clock at night (although, you know the Italian American goodbye lasts awhile). We were in that dining room (or the kitchen because Italian American girls don’t get to sit…

How to increase the chances of a positive reception of a picture of your prized possession.

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Cock shots are often much maligned. In general, cockss are. I don’t want to say that I don’t understand why they are a source of frequent complaints. I get it: some guys are such dicks especially when it comes to their dicks.

However, I do like cocks. I won’t take part in body shaming and so I am not going to label dicks as ugly or gross. I don’t think they are. In fact, some of them are really beautiful. Moreover, I do enjoy…

Zara Everly

NY based writer and sex positive bibliophile. I write often about sexuality with an emphasis on sex positivity and female empowerment.

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